hmmm? oppo 105d content

I ended getting 105 my 280 hr of run in...I don't think it works for me after having sim I 5.3 player...need more somthin...just too lean?...just not convinced enough..don't need the bell's and whistles/just redbook...
Marantz 8005 owners/or otherwise please give me a reason.
Send it to John Tucker at Exemplar Audio for his upgrade. It will become world class player! I own one and it is simply amazing and very very musical sounding. really is sounding pretty impressive for what it is right to give it prop's.
You should consider the Modwright Truth Mod. It takes the 105 to a whole new level, which could never be called "lean."
Have you tried computer audio ripping your CDs and playing them thru USB output into the digital USB input on the Oppo as DAC?. Granted, choices of software and cable make a difference, but in general this idea will drastically reduce jitter and produce better results with the same music (ripped files vs. same on disc).

Running a laptop with free trial software might be worth a try before you change to another CD player. Cheers,
This usb,rippin,streaming,ect is a whole new world to this ole kooter here guy' other word' pretty d*m old school.Much to learn about this sho.

I have already talked to dan and crew twb...this is happening down the line though...

This thing sounded pretty darn good last night as well as tonight...It is really quite exceeding my expectations...I think its burned.