Hobby, Hobby, Hobby?

Okay, maybe I'm being sensitive, but I don't consider my pursuit for musical perfection a hobby. This is a natural extention of my musical expression, education and critical analysis.

The playback system is a tool which allows me to hear deeper into one of the main driving forces in my life, "music". Do I get paid for listening. No, but sometimes I get paid for recording live performance. And, I record every performance I go to.

It seems to trivialize my passion when it is called a hobby. I know, I have had hobbies, coin collecting, stamp collecting and even now I make wine. But music, now that's not a hobby!

I suggest we strike the term "hobby" for our vocabulary when discuusing musical pursuits. Anybody feel the same?
There is nothing inherently wrong with the word hobby. However, over time it has morphed into a word that marginalizes. As the Eskimo’s have many words to describe a snowflake so to should we have more than one or two words to describe this pursuit? To some it is a hobby, but to most, especially me, it is more!

And, you know what? I bet it is more than a hobby to most of us.

Good thread Ramstl, I've enjoyed reading the responses. For me, I've got to go with Swampwalker and Gallaine, it's a hobby to me. Having said that, I've sure had a hard time explaining the depth (obsessiveness) of my interest even to good friends. If you want to call it a passion or a "calling", that's cool with me, and I even understand. Cheers. Craig.

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For some a hobby, for some an obsession and for others everything in between. And I think it can be whatever you want it to be. I mean for some it’s intertwined with their career, so hobby may not be the correct term. It should bring a level of enjoyment and positive enhancement to your life I think.. Perhaps we should not try to label it?

Another point of view is that one can loose perspective on the importance of audio or any interest. Once the interest becomes more important than other aspects of life that are clearly more significant and important, spouse, children, friends etc. then I think one has lost perspective in life. What is special, meaningful, spiritual and truly important gets lost.