Holiday Habits and Pleasures

Howdy All,

We put up the tree, and are currently relaxing with some holiday tunes and spirits. Just wondering how the approach and arrival of the holidays affects everyone’s listening. Of course, there will be an increase in holiday related recordings, but do listening sessions increase in frequency?  Are more folks involved?  Do themed events pop up like Christmas Cocktails and Canapés with Nat King Cole?  I’m currently stoking my own holiday spirit with Wynton Marsalis’s “Crescent City Christmas Card” which I discovered in some older Audiogon posts regarding favorite Christmas recordings. It’s making me think I should throw a Big Easy holiday bash one of these days, and start a new tradition. 
Eager to hear and steal some ideas, and new ways to appreciate appreciating. 

Happy Holidays to all,



Happy Holidays to all, but no holiday-themed music around my place. Unless the holiday is Halloween.... 

Usually I play Eddie Higgins Christmas sacd. And some Choral Christmas CDs. While my Christmas light are on.

The kids are in their 40’s, wife and I are alone in this big house.  I put the tree up the weekend before Christmas and take it down Jan 2. I the tree crowds the living room.  I will put on Christmas Music for my wife but I will go upstairs as I am not a fan of it. 

Listening to Burl Ives, Barbra Streisand and The Transiberian Orchestra by day, 

Going to see The Transiberian Orchestra, watching White Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story.