Holiday Habits and Pleasures

Howdy All,

We put up the tree, and are currently relaxing with some holiday tunes and spirits. Just wondering how the approach and arrival of the holidays affects everyone’s listening. Of course, there will be an increase in holiday related recordings, but do listening sessions increase in frequency?  Are more folks involved?  Do themed events pop up like Christmas Cocktails and Canapés with Nat King Cole?  I’m currently stoking my own holiday spirit with Wynton Marsalis’s “Crescent City Christmas Card” which I discovered in some older Audiogon posts regarding favorite Christmas recordings. It’s making me think I should throw a Big Easy holiday bash one of these days, and start a new tradition. 
Eager to hear and steal some ideas, and new ways to appreciate appreciating. 

Happy Holidays to all,



Can’t say I’m in the holiday spirit.


This mornings discussion was “ time to put out the menorah.”  Normally quite fun, friends and family, a rotating 8 day party.  A lot of fun.

this year, a time when our college daughter legitimately afraid to walk out of her dorm room, it’s “Will celebrating cause us troubles this year?”  “Do we want to draw attention to ourselves?”  “Does it have to be the front of the house?”

@davetheoilguy ,

Terrible that has to be a concern. I know it’s easy to give advice when you’re safely on the outside looking in, but display it proudly. Don’t allow the NAZI mentality of a minority of ignoramus’s prevent you from celebrating your faith. Don’t allow them to snuff out the light of those candles. Again, easy for me to say. I don’t know the demographics of your area or how much antisemitism there is there, but I do know that every time they frighten someone into changing the habits of their faith they chalk up a win. It’s appalling you must weigh that against the potential danger to your family’s safety. Happy Hanukkah!

Heard a new(?) Michael Buble original Christmas song at the store. Was the best Christmas song I've heard in a long time.