Holo Audio May DAC

Just read a very nice review of this in Stereophile this month and after doing some research it looks like this one could be a very nice option for me.  
It's made in China I think (or could be Taiwan?, and yes, I am very well aware that these are two very different countries. ;)), and employs a direct to consumer model to keep the price as low as possible.  This does not worry me after purchasing a Jay's Audio transport from Vinshine Audio and having zero issues.  

Just curious if anyone here has heard one or purchased?  I'm very intrigued.  I know the Denafrips Terminator is another highly regarded DAC with a similar ordering model, but costs a couple grand more than this one.  Considering that one as well.

A couple things
- if it’s being shipped to you in a matter of days then it’s already built (obviously) and with a lead time of 6 week build time to ship, your cancellation is very late in the process.  
They would lose a lot of money on a unit just sitting as well as time put into it.  More importantly they must have a cancellation policy that you should have been aware of prior to ordering?

- you will be able to sell it without problem, so I wouldn’t worry about it.  You may be out a few bucks for some shipping or whatever but this isn’t a money making hobby
Holo Audio is pretty clear about cancellations both at the time of order, and on their Terms and Conditions page:

"Refunds on Holo Audio, LCR-1 MK5/MK4 Phono Stages, and any other special order items.
  • Only accepted within 48 hours after purchase, refunds/cancellations may be made."
Not as much an example of a restrictive policy, than failing to read the fine print. It sounds like Wildism is simply maintaining the Holo Audio policy.
Do you folks think using a Holo May L2/KTE DAC with an upgraded Node 2i (PD Creative PSU interface, SBooster LPS and better power cable (which really makes the Node 2i much better sounding)) is "overkill" for a DAC choice?