Holo Audio May DAC

Just read a very nice review of this in Stereophile this month and after doing some research it looks like this one could be a very nice option for me.  
It's made in China I think (or could be Taiwan?, and yes, I am very well aware that these are two very different countries. ;)), and employs a direct to consumer model to keep the price as low as possible.  This does not worry me after purchasing a Jay's Audio transport from Vinshine Audio and having zero issues.  

Just curious if anyone here has heard one or purchased?  I'm very intrigued.  I know the Denafrips Terminator is another highly regarded DAC with a similar ordering model, but costs a couple grand more than this one.  Considering that one as well.

Hello. Would like to ask owners of Holo May / Spring. Im looking for replacement for Chord Qutest, that im feeding from Nvidia Shield Tv (Android) through USB. Anybody can confirm, Holo can be feed from Nvidia Shield through USB or HDMI?

In specification id only PC, MAC and HDMI/I2S. Not sure if it will work with Nvidia Shield.

Thank you in advance

I'm hoping some of the MAY DAC owners here can help troubleshoot an issue I'm having with my recently acquired May (L2).

The unit has about 200 hours on it as I've been burning it in using my iMac via USB. About once every 15-20 minutes I get this digital "screeching" noise for about 1 to 2 seconds in duration. It sounds like when one of the Agents in the first Matrix movie inhabits and takes over another body. Zzzzhhhwweeee.

I've tried different output settings on the mac using Audio Midi Setup (44.1khz through 153.6 khz is available). I assume 44.1 is what I should be using since all imac files were ripped from CDs. Bit depth however is forced by the May at 32-bit. I would assume 16-bit should be an option and more in line with my file types, but it is not an option.

I have not noticed the noise when playing CD's and using the coax input on the May.

Any ideas?


I also run a Holo May DAC right out from the USB on my iMac, into an Auris Nirvana headphone amp. Before I did anything with the DAC, I just turned it on and left it that way for 3 weeks. These things require a LOT of burn-in, or so I'm told. But it sounds great and I've had no problems. And yes, I believe you are correct, @yakbob about the Audio Midi Setup... 


There are some having this issue using JCAT usb boards at high sampling rates, looks to be something with the chip used on those JACT boards. Appears to have been addressed via firmware from holo. Also I "think" there was mention about the midi setup used on macs - See this for ref