Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC

Curious to know if anyone has made the leap and picked up the new Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC?  Any comparisons to your old/former DAC?
The May DAC was a bit out of my reach financially.  But, hoping the Spring has some trickle down goodness from the May line.

Should be receiving mine later this month.
Kw6. ,sorry   About that.  I have to spell it out , Audio Gd R8 mk2, is a very good dac in the$2k group  not reference by any means , FPGA types can be are ok but not a big fan in this case,
and their off the shelf drivers can be  affected by windows updates at times, 
and Waay outdated with display and filters in operation ,same with their top 7- ht 
that’s why i sold it after our audio dac shoot out .

What about Holo Spring 3 level 1? Would that beat Pontus II? Many say Pontus II is juicy and warm with decent resolution. I never heard May or Spring but would be hate to gain resolution and have a dry lean sound.
(or @anyone else who cares to share)

Surely, you’ve heard/considered the Metrum Onyx?
Holo Spring 3 versus Onyx? which would you say wins?

I’m asking because my Metrum Octave (transformer upgrade, external Audio-GD USB to SPDIF) still sounds really nice, I’m totally into NOS, and the Onyx receives great reviews.
And yet, the Holo Spring 3 - also NOS - was just reviewed by GoldenSound (super smart guy!) and he thought it was awesome - see here:
And finally, budget in the $2k to $2.5K range (assuming I don’t rekt with my crypto!)
Impressed by your well-informed opinions on DACs!