Holo May KTE vs Meitner MA3

Anyone had a chance to compare the sonic qualities of these two dacs?

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I am doing so right now. Let me tell you, preliminarily it is quite close! Closer than I expected for sure given the significantly different DAC architectures/concepts. A/B’d via my headphone rig (with ALO studio six head amp/Senn HD600’s-- both DACs run single-ended into it, using a mac mini/audirvana or U1 mini/Quobuz as source with May vs. MA3 with internal streamer), There is really little between them at this time (havent spent many hours as yet...). Both superb tonally, both pacey, both spacious etc. This again was a bit shocking to me as a long time fan/owner of the May. Maybe- just maybe so far, the KTE May is a bit more ’watercolor’ and warm in NOS mode perhaps evident more in the mid-bass region (havent switched modes as yet) -- is the only thing that ’grabs’ me so far. Only thing I can report so far, is that if anyone says one of these ’smokes’ the other (and inevitably someone will;) , well they have some pretty impressively forthright preferences for what are (very preliminarily) minor differences, at least tonally. I’m not sure which I’ll keep by a long shot yet-- I love the KTE May! But the MA3 appeals with it’s all-in-oneness whereas the Holo is only the Holo with external sources connected etc. Of course, I can also use the MA3 as a preamp- which I’m doing right now and that’s a trick the May cant pull off. (Yet? :)

So the MA3 is a ’sleeker’ package and a beautiful/smooth thing to operate/engage with, with faster lock to sources and that pretty display. So I can maybe try more and with different headphone setups and report back... (I have a THX 887 head amp and some Shure headphones as well to try). We’ll see...

Wow, that's awesome that you can compare them like that...I'd use them for a headphone rig as well...You'd think sonic wise Meitner would come out on top slightly given the price difference but it may be just splitting hairs...Thank you for taking your time to write this...

Please do not flame me, this is only my thoughts formed over the last month and a half.

I was not like this before, but now I do think about things like the following: the Meitner audio gear is designed and manufactured by our Canadian brothers and sisters.  Many of the other DACs that are being discussed as fantastic are designed and manufactured in China and it would probably not be an exaggeration are one more thing ultimately funding the Communist Party.  

I realize that half of what we buy is from China, but maybe we need to start thinking differently when purchasing big ticket items from Communist countries.  I think we are seeing a vivid demonstration of ultimately what they would love to do to us.

If anyone objects to this post I will gladly delete it, maybe I am the only one who is thinking this way.

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