Holo May KTE vs Meitner MA3

Anyone had a chance to compare the sonic qualities of these two dacs?


I believe that many, if not all Teslas are made in China, as is Volvo.  For whatever it’s worth. Take from it what you will. 

An erstwhile reviewer in these parts, I just wanted to compliment the common sense approach in your carefully written posts.  I look forward to your next post when the weed wears off.😀

One quickly learns that the correlation between price and quality in DACs is very far from perfect.  This is especially so comparing DACs made in Asia to those made in the US and Europe.

Please save the politics for another forum. It is a downer. I'm tired of Americans fighting with each other without reason.

Who’s fighting DBB?


T1 and LordM both made a very validated thought. Truth is a dividing sword that separates light from darkness. Truth is a lost commodity in this day and age.

@glory you are more than welcome to discuss political matters by PM and thank you for your vote of confidence.

I have the very greatest respect for @dbb and if he doesn't want politics discussed here I comply and totally respect him as the hifi aficionado that he is.