Holo May KTE vs Meitner MA3

Anyone had a chance to compare the sonic qualities of these two dacs?




@abramsmatch has indicated that these two dacs are both exceptional, sound very close with the May sounding a touch warmer. To some “warmer” is a desired trait, to others it may not be. Horses for courses. Are you showing the photos of the inside because you believe more stuff inside means something or less stuff inside means something? Of course a resistor ladder takes up alot of space as does the power supply topology. These two terrific dacs accomplish the goal of reproducing great music in different ways. I’m also certain both companies pay talented people fair wages and that service after the sale is both accessable, professional and easy to obtain.


Full disclosure: I own two MA3’s and one Totaldac. Love both for different reasons…


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Spot on!!!

Im not familiar with the Meitner MA3 though I’ve listened to the Meitner MA 1 V2 dac recently using a Korean manufactured server brand Rose Audio 150B  astounding , what I experienced its been constantly on my mind I’m seriously considering this combination.
There is much to like , the sound quality is exceptionally good and with some of the options and flexibility of the Rose server like 4K video feed to a 4K enabled TV is something to experience however the Meitner dac took the overall enjoyment up a couple levels.

Has anyone any newer comparisons to share about the difference between the May and the MA3 sonically?  I've had a May KTE for 2 years, and thinking of the MA3. 

I’ve owned both now, the Meitner is superior in every sense. Of course, it costs more but the inclusion of volume control and streaming capabilities more than makes up for difference in price. That’s not to say the Holo is a slouch, it’s very good, the Meitner is just in another class in my opinion.