Holo Red Streamer

I placed my order and paid for it on February 22, 2023; it finally arrived today in my building in NYC. Apparently they are backlogged in a major way.

Their manual is not user friendly to walk through starting it up. Greek to me on their TFT card and finding the IP address and whether I have to do that first. I can connect my Ethernet cable from my router to the Holo Red and then to run an AES/EBU cable from the Holo Red to my PS Audio Mk I DAC, but what else must I do to get going? I now use MConnect for Tidal and use the streamer card I installed in the DAC.

If anyone has experience with the Holo Red  streamer, I could use the advice to start up operating it so I don't grind my teeth and pull out my remaining hair. Thank you. Neal




You can't use the same version of MConnect on the Red that you used with the Bridge.  The version you were using with the Bridge only sees and controls Conversdigital devices which the Bridge was.  You have to use the $5.99 MConnect HD. That version is for any UPnP device.

@nymarty Thank you for validating my understanding. I was kinda hoping that the Red could do both, both oh well! I need to do more research on how much better the streamer only function is compared to cheaper alternatives like Bluesound Node or ifi Zen Stream. For DDC, if I'm only going to use the Red as a DDC then I think I'm better served by using a DDC by Denafrips for better synergy with the Pontus II DAC.

@arafiq it can do both just not at the same time. ;-)   It’s excellent as a Roon streamer and sounds better than my iFi Zen Stream and my Bluesound Node N130.  For me it was a worthwhile upgrade without having to spend a lot more with Lumin or Auralic or Innuous.  I’m also using a Pontus 2.   You really don’t need a DDC if your source is good to begin with.  

@nymarty Thanks. I understand that it can do both, but I was kinda hoping to kill two birds with one stone and use both functions simultaneously.

A few questions if you don't mind answering ...

How are you connecting the Red (while functioning as a streamer only) to the Pontus? USB or another method? 

You say it's better than Zen and BS Node. How much of an improvement do you think it provides? And specifically which areas did you see the improvement in?

Thanks in advance!



If you need to connect the Red to a Denafrips streamer you can use any output including I2S by changing the Dip switch settings on the bottom so just use Ethernet in and output of your choice.  No need for a DDC at all.