HoloAudio STREAMER is out now

I've read lots of discussions about streamers, especially about how to get value for less than several thousand $$'s. The typical responses include Bluesound, Innuous, iFi, Raspberry Pi, Cambridge, and probably a couple others I'm missing. 

People LOVE the Holo Audio DAC's -- the May, the Spring, e.g. 

Now they have a streamer. It's less than $1k. I wonder if anyone has it or has compared it?


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@thyname what compute power is lacking with a raspberry pi cm-4? I guess you are familiar with the Broadcom chipset and I’m curious why you poo poo it (based on your emojis). Thx

@dpac996 : No I am not familiar with the Broadcom chipset. And the raspberry Pi cm-4 probably has plenty of computing power. You are right. I just thought something costing $900 would use something different than a Pi, maybe mistakenly so. I have never used a Raspberry Pi for streaming, so I don’t know. Sorry to have offended you somehow