Holy Mackeral...The Meters do rule

Anybody else checked out "Uptown Rulers" by Art Neville's old band "The Meters". If not, get it right away!!! I can't believe that I've not heard of them before just a few weeks ago! This stuff makes Parliment look like Patsy Kline! Unbelievable polyrhythms and just funky funky grooves. Someone tell me somemore about this band...what else is available from them?
You're in luck -- their old LP catalog is being re-released on CD. Try Cabbage Alley, Look-A-Py-Py, or Fire on the Bayou from their 70's work. But as you can guess, they've done lots of great stuff. While you're at it, you might also check out Allen Toussaint, New Orleans songwriter, pianist, producer, impresario and performer, who's done a lot of work with the Meters and others. He's got the gris-gris, man.
Man! I was expecting another thread on RS's SPL mods. What a dissapointment. Seriously, the meters are great down home nasty southern funk. Although, having seen both, I'd hate to make a comparison between them and P-Funk.