Homage to those who are pleased with your audio rig


I am now pleased with my two audio systems. I am enjoying the music. Both are, by most measures, humble audio rigs but.... I am enjoying the music.

It’s all tubes and digital in one system and SS and digital in the other, have not gotten back into albums. Parasound Amp, Schiit Preamp, Schiit DAC, Sony CD player, Bluesound Node 2, Vandersteen speakers with Rythmik Subwoofer one rig, Line Magnetic integrated tube amp, Rega CD player, Schiit DAC, Bluesound Vault and Tekton Double Impack SE speakers in rig 2.

Please tell us all, how did you get there? Are you still working at it? Care to tell us what equipment your using? Simple rig? Are you enjoying the music?

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I maintain and use four systems. By a process of mixing and listening I have a main system I am very happy with and m unlikely to ever change -  VPI TNT V, SME V, Koetsu Urushi, Vendetta SCP2-D, Conrad Johnson Premier 14, Conrad Johnson Premier 11a, Wilson Maxx 2, Inouye power conditioner, Moon 280D DAC.

But my second system, which I use mostly for acoustic music is also wonderful - Sota Cosmos, SME V, Lyra Clavis, Bryston BP17, Conrad Johnson Premier 15 phono, Classe DR3 VHC, Martin Logan CLS, Hegel HD12 DAC

An my third system is one that I also use a lot, made up of bits that began years ago in my main system - Roksan Radius 5/Nima/Goldring Eroica LX Classe DR-7, Classe DR3 VHC bridged monos + PSE V monos (bass), Classe DAC1 DAC, Vandersteen 4A, - kind of a state of the art c. 1990 set up (excpt for the turntable, a modest one added much later),

I can say I am the happiest I've ever been with my system right now.  I'm probably done upgrading most of the major pieces -- preamp, amp, speakers, turntable -- for the foreseeable future.  But knowing myself, I will never be 100% satisfied to the point where I'm not occasionally thinking about tweaking or upgrading something.  But I'm spending a lot more time getting lost in the music and a lot less time analyzing my system these days.

Good for you, 2psyop

My current system began taking shape 4 years ago and recently became complete and the sound is fabulous.  I am now re-listening to just about everything in my collection. The journey has been fulfilled!

VPI HW19 table with an Ortofon TA-110 arm & Cadenza Blue. VPI HW16.5 Cleaner. Sutherland Engineering N1 Preamp w/ a pair of EKSC Eagle 11' monoblock's on Acapella platforms.  Custom made silent HD Audio PC w/ an MAudio 24/96 audiophile sound card. Wilson Benesch Vertex loudspeakers w/ W-B Torus System for the low end.

Initial placement had the equipment rack between the loudspeakers, but everything changed with the addition of the Torus system.  The rack went along a sidewall and the Torus went between the 2 main speakers.  It really dialed in at that point with some fine adjustments.  Even my wife is listening with me again.

"Pleased with my rig", that would be me!

I'm retired now nearly a year, loving life in the new place we moved to about two years ago and the new home we had built about 18 months ago (and yes, with a dedicated listening room).  As for "we" that's me & my wife of nearly 42 years, with two grandkids just minutes away.  Lots of volunteer work to keep me busy and contributing.  A great music scene, great restaurants and great hiking in our new home.

As for the equipment:

PS Audio P15 Power Regenerator
PS Audio DirectStream DAC
PS Audio PerfectWave SACD Transport
Roon Nucleus Plus Server
Dell Laptop-WD 4TB External Disk Drive
McIntosh MC452 Power Amp
McIntosh C2500 Preamp
Focal Sopra No2 Speakers
JL Audio F113V2 Sub Woofers (2 of them)
Wireworld Cabling

No plans to change any of this!