Home demo. ProAc D48R and Spendor D9

I am in the process of a home demo. of the ProAc D48R and Spendor D9 from different dealers.
The ProAc guy says it is well run in and the Spendor guy says only about 90 hours on them.

First off, love the D48R so far, midrange to die for & the bass, lots of bass, perhaps a tad too much. Not sure yet, vocals , treble from that ribbon is exceptional.
The Spendor in comparison is not bad at all, I think a bit better definition in the bass, not as full as D48R , seems just as deep, but more tuneful to me. The midrange is OK , it seems to lag behind the ProAc only just. The upper midrange/treble to me is a bit of a let down. For example acoustic guitar seems slightly less crisp, less involving compared to the ProAc.

Question for any D9 owners out there, how long did they take to fully run in ? I assume I am not hearing now what their final run in sound will be like. Will the midrange/ treble open up more, like D48R more, or is the ProAc ribbon tweeter that much better ?
The Harbeth 40.2 are wonderful speakers but need very large space to fulfill their huge potential IMO your space will not work for them.

See this lengthy review and the size of the room.


Also, I heard the 40.2's in a regular-sized hotel room at Capital AudioFest, and they sounded very good.  I went back 3 times.  Sure, they will perform even better with a larger space, but the 40.2's won't overload as much as the 40.1's.  The owner at Deja Vu was actually more concerned about distance to side wall, he thought 2 1/2 feet a minimum.

Compared to the 40.2, I heard the Classic 100 in a totally different system, different room (different country!).  Some general resemblance, perhaps a little less forgiving, perhaps a little more dynamic/exciting...but it could just as well have been the other components.

Strong preference for 40.2/30.2 over SHL5+, so the question is, does the Spendor 1/2 follow the corresponding Harbeth model.  Judging by this thread, very few have auditioned.