Home made power strips

My question relates to making an electrical box instead of buying a "audiophile" power strip. Would there be a difference between buying a well-made power strip for plugging in multiple components vs a 4 gang box, four high quality outlets (Hubbel or Oyeide), common grounding or star-grounding, separating digital from analog, and mounting it on the wall (unfinished area). It will have a dedicated AC line. Other than a solid copper casing or another form of RF shielding, would I be missing something? I don't want to go to the trouble of making it if there are reasons no to (something I haven't thought of). It would be substantially cheaper. Thanks!
you should check out vhaudio.com. Chris has an item called the hotbox, which is exactly what you describe. He allows you to select the male AC connection and the outlets you desire. I have one in my system with furutech connectors and outlets, and am very pleased with it.
Jalapenos-great idea. I have a lot of respect for Chris and his products. I could not duplicate the hotbox and its level of materials. I wonder if I could come close myself? Any other ideas?
That hot box uses readily available parts for the steel componets. Right off the floor from the big box store. The conductor parts are open to your choice. When you tie into the romex supply clean those wires with fine paper like 800 grit.
Wagzel-Thanks for the info! I also am aware of B-P-T's PPC, $199 plus cord. I would still prefer to buy upgraded components and build it myself. I wonder if isolation from EMI and RFI in the box is important if the other AC cords are not shielded (most of mine are, PS Audio)? Where I live I don't seem to have much interference. Thanks again. All ideas are welcome!