Please give me your evaluation of which pre amp to buy. I have top of the line Vandersteen front, center, rear, and bass speakers. I replace the PSE mono block system as they went out with a new Marantz power amp, and Oppo DVD. My AV 8003 went out and now I need a new pre amp. The three I think I have zero'ed in on is Nad T 187, Rotel 1572, or an Anthem 60. Thanks in advance for the help.
I don't know if Atmos is important to you but from my understanding the T187 will not get an Atmos or DTSX module but will get a module with 4K video support and HDCP 2.2. copy protection.  I would email or call NAD tech support to confirm this.


I have the older Rotel RSP-1570 and NAD T175. For Rotel firmware updates, I can download directly from Rotel website. For NAD pre/processor firmware updates, I need to get it from their dealers since it is not available from their website.

Why this is important? When I bought RSP-1570, it does not come with 3D pass through, but that feature was added later with firmware updates. My T175 is already obsolete.
After researching for a couple of months, it was clear that the industry standard for top pre-pro's (in the unstupid cost range) for both music and HT was either the Anthem or the Marantz 8802a. Rotel and NAD didn't seem to register against those two in the various forums.

I bought the Marantz 8802a. Outstanding device.
Yeah, I'd stick with anthem 60 and be happy. Got refined sound, latest processing (I could care less about extra speakers all around the room personally. Just quality sound from 5.1 or better, and LARGE HIDEF IMAGE, myself. lol)
The Athem got superb EQ circuit - which you NEED, and you n everyone else that hears it will be pleased.  No magic bullets to consider otherwise.  (take this 100% of time over some cheapy receiver with all the bells and whistles, and inferior overall sound, every time!)