home theater processor suggestions?

This is what i am looking for a processor that has /does the following:
1. has hdmi1.3 or better
2. xlr connections
3. room correction
4. be able to process most of the upper formats.
5. 7 channel.

i have no need for analog input or out puts. i run hdmi in and out. i just need one of each.

i run a anthem statement p5 amp

i know about the anthem mva 50v and the statement d2v...

thank you for your suggestions
What do you mean you plan on running digital out?

Also, you say you don't need analog input, but you need XLR? You need to explain.
I run a blu ray player to my processor via hdmi.
i then run from my processor to my front projector via hdmi.
nothing else so all digital.

i want to run xlr instead of rca from my processor to my amp.

hope that is more clear. sorry for not putting that in my original post.

I'm seeing a lot of interest in the Emotiva products these days. I'm going to give them a go in the Home Theatre room in our new place that's under construction. I've auditioned most of the dominant brands and can't see spending thousands when the technology is moving so fast. Seems to me that the goals are somewhat different between a serious 2 chan system and the 5.1/7.1 arrangements that I've seen. If a person has the luxury of separate rooms for each, I'd say spend the big $$$ on 2 chan and look for best 'bang-for-the-buck' A/V and be willing to flex as the technology matures.