Honest opinions on my two picks of loudspeakers

So I wanted to see what most of you thought or what your pick would be between the Revel Salon 2 towers and the McIntosh XR100's I'm torn between both with looks and performances with my choice leaning more toward Mac since I'd be powering them with the 452 and the whole matching thing, but I will also be pushing these quite hard at times (rock-metal) and I want a well built power capable speaker for the long haul..I was considering Wilson's as well and have not cut them out just wanted some respectable opinions on my two narrowed down choices we all are familiar with pricing and these two options have a considerable difference between the two so I'm torn which is the better bang for my bucks!! 

Thanks all..
I have never heard either speaker but just eye balling them I would go for the Revels. I have never been fond of multi driver designs. I have never heard one that I liked. Two midrange drivers should be the most you should ever need. 10 and you have lost me. Mcintosh does not have a history of producing great loudspeakers. But, it is your system and you should listen carefully to both with the music and volume you like.
Thanks @tomic601  that good huh? Which model would you suggest and as far as hearing goes I'm 47 and could care less..I like it extremely loud but has to be clean sounding I'm in a large house and large property and would like to hear clearly outdoors as well in the warmer weather with windows open. 
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OP sorry for the terse post, you will care later, when it is 2 late, I have worked mixing sound in rock bands since I was 16 off and on, always w hearing protection available and have excellent hearing at 58
the Revel are fine speakers, just not designed for the SPL you are calling for. Mac did at one time have some line arrays ( xrt 28 that could sound pretty good, see Roger Russel ) I have heard the newer Mac stuff w a gazillion tweeters with both Mac and Boulder amplifiers and was not impressed.
JBL and others make compression driver horns speakers that do sound quite good and provide high SPL and the high duty cycle needed for longevity
summit series would fit your bill
check out Everest to understand trickle down
best to you
Enjoy the music