Honest opinions on my two picks of loudspeakers

So I wanted to see what most of you thought or what your pick would be between the Revel Salon 2 towers and the McIntosh XR100's I'm torn between both with looks and performances with my choice leaning more toward Mac since I'd be powering them with the 452 and the whole matching thing, but I will also be pushing these quite hard at times (rock-metal) and I want a well built power capable speaker for the long haul..I was considering Wilson's as well and have not cut them out just wanted some respectable opinions on my two narrowed down choices we all are familiar with pricing and these two options have a considerable difference between the two so I'm torn which is the better bang for my bucks!! 

Thanks all..
And the initial PA for the Dead was 4x MC240 tube amps in mono :-) I still have a 1961 running rebuilt 1972 Cornwalls, certainly capable of high SPL

Alembic ( rip ) also helped w Wall of Sound engineering, it was much more complex and sophisticated than a pile of speakers and amps and also just about bankrupt the dead


@tomic601 great story I'll agree I read all the posts and articles related to the dead and they're traveling Road show and the huge stage crew..wow very cool! And don't worry I'll enjoy them for sure and if they're as good as stated I'll likely grab another pair for the house..thanks again bud I appreciate it!!
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I was going to suggest that Klipsch sounded like a very
good match for you.However, I tend to think that this whole thread
is out of someone's imagination though. Pretty good one!!!