Honest opinions on my two picks of loudspeakers

So I wanted to see what most of you thought or what your pick would be between the Revel Salon 2 towers and the McIntosh XR100's I'm torn between both with looks and performances with my choice leaning more toward Mac since I'd be powering them with the 452 and the whole matching thing, but I will also be pushing these quite hard at times (rock-metal) and I want a well built power capable speaker for the long haul..I was considering Wilson's as well and have not cut them out just wanted some respectable opinions on my two narrowed down choices we all are familiar with pricing and these two options have a considerable difference between the two so I'm torn which is the better bang for my bucks!! 

Thanks all..
Steakster, Bear is not an electrical engineer. Who do you think was telling bear what to do! Bear however was quite the character and indeed the wall was probably his idea in looking for a grand expression of the concert audio system. Like I said before it was unfortunately a royal PITA and did not last long and it really did not have to. It would not be long before excellent commercial sound systems would hit the market that were made to deal with the rugged life of portable sound equipment.
The absolute best concert system I ever heard was back in 1973, Return to Forever. What a system, what a band. I skipped a week of classes and followed them around New England.
Shawnscola, excellent! Do tell us how you like them. I have not heard the new ones yet. Do heed mcryn to this extent. I listen at 95 dB all the time but I always warm my ears up for 10 minutes at lower volumes and allow them to accommodate. Once your ears adjust themselves for louder volumes Rock and Roll. You can get a sound pressure meter for 20 bucks on line. With warmed up ears 95 dB is safe for people with normal hearing. 100 dB is safe for short periods again only with ears that are warmed up. 105 dB will cause hearing loss in just about everyone. I am an anecdote but at 65 I can still hear 18 kHz. I would prefer to think it is because I have always been careful how I expose myself to loud noises. Everyone on my father's side was deaf as a door knob by the age of 80. Fearing that end I always wore hearing protection shooting guns and using various machines. By 65 my father was already noticeably hard of hearing. So I am already doing better than he did. Anyway I listen at 95 dB virtually every day. It is certainly not concert loud but it is loud enough to give you the appropriate visceral impact if you have good bass reproduction. 

Just logged back in to see all the new comments..so I'll update. The online retailer I was planning to buy from had an issue with sending them back..so I'm auditioning them at one of my local hifi stores who btw didn't have them in stock but was willing to get a pair in for me to have a listen..so I'm going that this week afterwards I'll likely talk to them about the IV's since tbh I had no idea that they were available so thanks for the information on that @mrdecibel..update to come...thanks again all much appreciated 
@shawnscola.....Believe me when I tell you, the CW IV is a huge upgrade over the CW IIIs ( and the IIIs are good ). I started a thread on the CW IVs, to alert Klipsch fans of the introduction of this new model....They will do exactly what you want......