Honest question about cartridge vs. turntable performance.

I’ve been a vinyl lover for a few years now and I have an ortofon black cartridge setup with an mmf 5.1 turntable with acrylic platter and speed controller. My question to all the vinyl audiophiles out there is this. How much difference does a turntable really make compared to the cartridge? Will I hear a significant difference if I upgraded my turntable and kept the same cartridge? Isn’t the cartridge 90%+ of the sound from a vinyl setup? Thank you guys in advance for an honest discussion on this topic. 
As an owner of three turntables (all direct drive) I consider the merits are approx:
Turntable 35%
Cartridge 35%
Phono 20%
Tonearm 10%
But these merits are for performance.  There is an overwhelming argument to put your money into the turntable.  It is that you keep your turntable, whereas cartridges wear out.  Not to mention breaking them.  

Lol,  Not much of a summary from anybody
        It seems like everybody counterpoints the other guy  

I’m in your boat, just bought Project Classic with upgraded Hana SL with Musical surroundings 2+
We will see!

My guess : from  upgrading cartridges on same turntable and hearing how loading a cartridge (Mc) changes sound on a preamp
   The all have an good size effect On a resolving “ enough” system. My guess is turntable the least , cartridge the most in pretty equal %’s 

If you find a good solid answer , let me know 

I do know that the real good LP stuff is fabulous, from listening to buddies “ good stuff” 

I’ve noticed  some listeners aren’t as sensitive to pitch stability. The table may then be less important. A lessor table, especially a mediocre belt drive would be completely unacceptable to me. I cannot listen to piano not holding pitch. But a lessor cartridge I may more likely still be able to enjoy. 
So after reading a lot of this is my belt driven VPI Classic 30th anniversary junk?
No one here would say that it’s junk.  IMO I wouldn’t put an excessively expensive cartridge on it before upgrading the table first. That’s what the original post was asking advice on. Some of us get carried away expressing our opinions. Didn’t  mean to sound offensive.