Honest question about cartridge vs. turntable performance.

I’ve been a vinyl lover for a few years now and I have an ortofon black cartridge setup with an mmf 5.1 turntable with acrylic platter and speed controller. My question to all the vinyl audiophiles out there is this. How much difference does a turntable really make compared to the cartridge? Will I hear a significant difference if I upgraded my turntable and kept the same cartridge? Isn’t the cartridge 90%+ of the sound from a vinyl setup? Thank you guys in advance for an honest discussion on this topic. 
So after reading a lot of this is my belt driven VPI Classic 30th anniversary junk?
No one here would say that it’s junk.  IMO I wouldn’t put an excessively expensive cartridge on it before upgrading the table first. That’s what the original post was asking advice on. Some of us get carried away expressing our opinions. Didn’t  mean to sound offensive. 
Nothing will help a bad sounding cartridge.

definitely @danvignau 

A lessor table, especially a mediocre belt drive would be completely unacceptable to me. I cannot listen to piano not holding pitch.

good point @sdrsdrsdr  
Whenever I have upgraded a turntable, my vinyl system does sound better but it has been more or less depending on the cartridge.
My first good turntable was a VPI Traveler II and the sound was incredible.  After a few years I wanted to upgrade and I bought a Technics 1200GR. 
Compared to the VPI, the GR changed the sound accordingly for each cartridge-
1) Ortofon 2M Black.  Slightly more energy and dynamics, speed stability and pitch were greatly improved.  Sound was more neutral and transparent.  Overall a good improvement.  
2) Dynavector  DV20X2L.  I did not notice that much improvement with the Technics.  The Dynavector was an excellent match for the VPI. 
3) Audio Technica ART9.  Absolutely huge improvement.  Stunning. 
Bass was lower, much better defined and had more impact with the GR. 
Dynamics and drive were much improved.  Speed and attack increased dramatically.  An incredible combination.   

excellent post on “ ratcheting of price levels”
I missed your interpretation, originally

for each price level ?  Would you be able to give an example of each? And/or your thoughts 

i did not notice any notes on phono preamp options ?  And/or your thoughts 
Well done, and well summarized on your opinions