Honest Vintage Tube Repair - SoCal

Hi all, Looking for a recommendation for a good technician/service in SoCal for vintage tube equipment (McIntosh in my case)?
George Meyer AV in Santa Monica CA works on a TON of Mcintosh gear. they restore and sell them. Be sure to speak with Morris but fair warning there is a long wait for their services.
Depends what city you are in. Mac has authorized repair centers listed on their web site too. Audioclassics.com is by far one of the most reputable.
Try Bill at www.glasssoundlab.com. He is in Cypress. Excellent work and very reasonable price.
I can recommend Steve Pappin at Clifton Audio Repair. He is familiar with many brands of vintage tube and solid-state gear and is an excellent technician. He now handles my McCormack Audio repair work and does a great job.

Clifton Audio Repair and Service
30559 Moontide Ct.
Temecula CA 92592

Stephen Pappin

Best regards,

Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
Why ship an amp across the country for service when are many local techs who can probably repair it at the cost of shipping? I'd personally avoid shipping a vintage amp at all cost due to risk of damage during transportation.
I have dealt with George Meyer and he is very expensive. He does a great job but be willing to shell out the cash. If you want someone just as good at a much better price contact Donny Manigold. He has been a technician for 30 years and he knows tube gear. He has done work on my tube amps for the past 20 years. I have never had a problem with him. (I wish I could say the same thing for my auto mechanic) He was recently at GNP in Pasadena but they closed down. He is currently working from his home. His is about the most honest technician you will ever meet. I have dealt with some other well known L.A technicians and they were total crooks. BTW- I am not referring to George Meyer. They are very honest, just expensive. Donny phone number is 1-626-833-7767. His hours are 10 to 6 Monday to Friday.
I wanted to follow up with the results of my 'quest.' Based on his reputation, I went with Steve McCormack's recommendation above. It helped that the shop was only an hour away. All I can say is thanks Steve, and thanks Steve. Steve Pappin repaired my MC240 and C22. Through the entire process it was a great pleasure to deal with him. He is thorough, honest, documents everything on paper and in photo, reasonable in prices, and knows what he is doing. I highly recommend him to anyone in the area who needs some repairs done - and he does SS as well. FWIW, my priority here was having the gear restored to optimal original operating condition. I have confidence now when I turn on my system that I am getting what I would have got 60 years ago, when they were new.
Jimmy2615, glad to hear it all went very smoothly. A recommendation by Steve McCormack is a solid one, as he himself is the real deal even though we haven't done business...you just know from meeting the guy he's honest and wouldn't steer you wrong.
there's a place in l.a. called " solutions" by vermont and sunset. their number is 3236664161, they work on the older equipment.