Honesty is the best policy...I think.

Heres a question for the Forum. I have my PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport for sale here. I purchased as a refurbished unit directly from PS Audio. In use, it will occasionally freeze up and by that I mean the remote or touchscreen will not function. And by occasionally I mean not more than once a month. The first time it happened to me I called PS Audio who told me to turn it off at the back, wait 10 seconds and turn back on to cause it to reboot which solved the problem. They told me it was normal like with any computer. I think it happens more often when I am playing discs I have burned at home of hi-res files. I have also done some research online and see that this is very common with this transport. So, now that I am selling the unit, I have mentioned that this is something that can happen. I don't want someone to purchase the unit, have it do this and then accuse me of not mentioning it. It has, of course, freaked out potential buyers. At the same time there are several other units just like it for sale with no mention of this and I know this to be a quirk of all of these units - not just mine. It works fine and I have enjoyed it for several years. I am selling only because I purchased a DMP that, what a surprise, occasionally does the same thing.  What would you do?

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Honesty first if you care about karma. Recently bought the same pwt cdt unit and mine had short skips fairly often, like every couple CDs. Returned it a couple weeks later for full refund. Waiting for the Jay's cdt2 mk3, supposed to be in Monday. I don't see how that could be worse :)

However I only have good things to say about my stellar phono preamp. I guess you have to pick and choose correctly from PS Audio products.

I agree with saying a reboot once a month takes care of the issue.  The only computer I don't reboot often is my Pi NAS.  Others get rebooted often and that puts it onto perspective.

Karma is out there. I stopped and helped an elderly man in distress (flat tire, so I jumped out and installed the spare). Two days later won the lottery for 18 million.

@rokral  Perhaps you could offer to buy this transport from the OP for full asking price? It would be good karma ;-)

i will share a little personal story about good hifi karma, true story...

i sometimes answer ’want’ ads on usam seeking stuff i happen to have on hand, messing with gear as i do ... last year couple folks were looking for an mhdt orchid and a denafrips pontus ... both were backordered or not available used at that point... i had each of them, answered, sold my units to them at a fair used price - made a couple fellow music lovers/audiophiles pretty darned happy

about a week later, a pair of lovely rev 2 spendor sp100’s appeared on a-gon... another member here answered first, got dibs, but i msg’ed him, he was super nice, stepped aside, as there was some shipping complexity involved in getting them that he was hesitant to deal with... i had been looking for these speakers to have again for several years .. after selling them off stupidly in 2006...

the seller of the speakers was also incredibly nice, we have become friends of sorts, he worked with me and a local pack n ship outfit in pennsylvania, got em ltl’ed out to me... he even reduced his price a good bit from his ask as the shipping/packing cost added up... as a result, i ended up getting my lovely spendors plus stands for well less than half price of a new pair...

karma ... can be pretty good...

hope this little story entertained for a minute 🙏