Hooking DishNetwork receiver to amp=speaker noise?

I tried to send the audio outputs of my Dish Network receiver to an input on my integrated amp and it causes some low level speaker noise even when I don't use that input. The same happens if I hook the TV output to the preamp.
Normally things are dead silent with my CD players.

So I gave up on this idea (don't want to contaminate my good equipment which is for music first).

Any idea of the cause of this or any solution?
If your TV has audio out you can try using those. I have Direct and have used both the TV out and the receiver out to a pre; can't even remember which I am using now. Direct from receiver is theoretically better but can't remember much of a difference.
OK, I found a pretty good solution. I bought a little powered switching box that takes 2 RCA inputs and has 4 RCA outputs (not a cheap one, about $80 from a company called RF Link), sent the Dish audio output into the box, and the output to my amp, and there is dead silence now with the Dish box connected.

But with the TV itself run into the box, there was still a bit of noise, so I didn't connect the TV.
But I'm happy now.