Hooking everything up for the first time

The connections between the receiver and the power amp - do you just use normal speaker cable?

Sounds like a dumb question but I've never had a separate power amp before.

Onkyo TX-NR515 receiver
Emotiva XPR-5 power amp (no manual!)

Thanks - rev
FYI, IC means "interconnect." You could probably find the emotiva owners manual online.....but hooking up the amp should be pretty straightforward based on the advice above. Good luck and enjoy the sound.
If I'm not using Line Outs, the only way left is to connect each speaker OUT on the receiver to the corresponding speaker IN on the amp via the screw down posts. The ones that have a hole in the post.

If that's true(?) I'd have to cut one end off the standard RCA jacks, bare the wire and stick the bare end through the posts on the receiver? Then plug the RCA ends into the amp?

Thanks to all for your help! rev
Revnice-Do not do what you just stated!

Looking at the Onkyo manual it appears that to use the Line Out of the receiver, your Emotiva amp would need a separate volume control. Like Sfar said you should be cautious of hooking up amps to Line Out outputs as they typically are not attenuated. Sadly I think your receiver will not allow you to control a separate amp without the amp having a volume control.

You can try hooking your amp up to the Line Out with volume all the way down but you may end up damaging the amp or speakers.
Sorry Rev, but you cannot hook those two units together. The Onyko NR515 does not have a set of pre-outs in order to use it strictly as a pre-pro. You are stuck with the Onkyo's internal amps. If it did have pre-outs, you would simply use RCA Audio Interconnects and would need 5 of them.

You will need an AVR that has pre-outs if you are intend on using the Emotiva in your system. These are usually the mid to high range models in manufacturers line-uos. Find the cheapest one you can that has a full set of pre-outs (not just subwoofer) that meets your decoding and room correction needs. Do not concern yourself about the AVR's power output - you won't need it. Good luck.
It looks like to me your receiver (the Onkyo) doesn't have pre-outs for most of the channels. If your intent was to add more or better power to your various speakers, you probably can't do that with that receiver. In order to run to a power amplifier, the pre-amp or receiver needs to have "pre-outs" associated with the channels that you're trying to run to the power amp. Once you have the "pre-outs" on the receiver/pre-amp, you use RCA cables like has been previously mentioned.

Sorry the news is probably not in line with what you were hoping, but I think you might have a bit of a case of "You can't get there from here."