Hooking up Sonos to Hegel 360

I just bought the Hegel 360 on AG. I am trying to connect Sonos to the system and nothing is working. I must say, the Owner's manual is lacking proper guidance.  Any advice in the AG universe?


Is there a reason to bother connecting the Sonos to the H360? I would imagine that you should be able to access the music you need via the Ethernet input of the H360.
Is this a Sonos Connect? If so why can't you use the coax digital out to the coax digital in on the Hegel? If you have tried that, is there a menu option to select the digital input or set each input use?
Gentleman, thanks for the quick responses. We were using a sonos system with the simaudio we had. I just sold that to get the Hegel. It only has a digital out. We connected that to our sonos zp90 but there is no connection. I can get a wireless Ethernet if that is the best option. Ideally, we would just like to figure out how if we can hook our sonos up. Again. Thank you. Jim