Hooverphonic anyone?

Yeah, Trip Hop. Definitely not a genre of music much mentioned on Audiogon.

The band Hooverphonic has made some sonically astounding music. They are a mix between ambient, hip hop, and psychadelic rock. Like a slowed down, cooled out Kraftwerk or Pink Floyd, but with better vocals and technology than these other bands old stuff. Hooverphonic puts out an electronic soundstage bigger and more interesting than almost anything I have ever experienced. Very cool sounds zipping around and around in 3D. Sounds from your extremem left or right or perhaps even behind you (only have I experience the behind you with my listening position very near the back wall). Great to vedge out with, or to be amazed at what your system can put out that you never knew it could. It is very interesting to me at least.

I suggest two Hooverphonic Cd's. A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular and Blue Wonder Power Milk. These two cd's are sonically magnificent for electronic music, check them out,

I just left their website and watched "Gentle Storm" ,,,very good! Albert,thanks for the link!And thanks Ron !.
I have "The Magnificent Trees." It's the only one I own by them. Where does it fit in the lineup? Honestly, I've only listened to it twice so don't have much of an opinion.
New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular- $6.99
Blue Wonder Power Milk - $6.99

At Circuit City.
magnificent tree is the third release by Hooverphonic. It actually has more similarities to the first release New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular in the samples it uses throughout. If you want the darker more melodic releases the first 3 - New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular, Blue Wonder Power Milk and Magnificent tree are the best. The release of Jackie Cane has them moving towards a more poppy sound similar to the transition Olive went thru between their 1st and 2nd albums. Magnificent Tree does have some more funk influences similar to Moloko, Vanessa Daou and Goldfrapp's later stuff.