Horn based loudspeakers why the controversy?

As just another way to build a loudspeaker system why such disputes in forums when horns are mentioned?    They can solve many issues that plague standard designs but with all things have there own.  So why such hate?  As a loudspeaker designer I work with and can appreciate all transducer and loudspeaker types and I understand that we all have different needs budgets experiences tastes biases.  But if you dare suggest horns so many have a problem with that suggestion..why?
Audio Visual Therapy in Nashua NH is the only Heritage dealer near me. They had Heresy Capitol and Forte lll on display.   Great guys up there , no tax.....  They have a lot of great speakers on display and the best headphone room I've ever seen
I have never heard any of the discontinued Palladiums, but I have noted that there have not been a single pair of any of them for sale on the used market in the US for months now...I've been looking. I think that says something about their desirability. 
I’ve posted a number of wanted ads for a used pair just so I can evaluate them but no luck. The owners must want to hold on to them.  My experience is limited to a P39F store demo in Quebec where they were a bit edgy but sounded very good. They wouldn’t be something worth recommending to suit the OP’s request.
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Kosst..........this is from your 1st post . " My system at home portrays a comparable sound to what I heard. Generally I feel that the dynamics of events like that are less than what people want to be hearing on a home stereo. I'm not sure 130 dB of dynamic range reflects reality very often. I don't believe that should be the goal of an audio system at the cost of other virtues ". Was your daughters extravaganza with or without electronic amplification ? If not, I doubt your system is comparable, unless the acoustics, or, your listening seat, was not very good. I doubt 130 db peaks were ever reached. I had my head banging times, but, as an older and more experienced listener, 130 db is not why I own horns. I admit, horns are not for everyone, but, I am guessing, you have never experienced a properly set up, higher end horn system, even that Khorn system you had exposure to. MrD