Horn based loudspeakers why the controversy?

As just another way to build a loudspeaker system why such disputes in forums when horns are mentioned?    They can solve many issues that plague standard designs but with all things have there own.  So why such hate?  As a loudspeaker designer I work with and can appreciate all transducer and loudspeaker types and I understand that we all have different needs budgets experiences tastes biases.  But if you dare suggest horns so many have a problem with that suggestion..why?
The Heresy IIIs do need, for my tastes anyway, a good sub to make a full range system. I use 2 RELs I already owned when I bought the Heresy IIIs, and they took some time to adjust as they were getting significantly less signal from the amp as the Heresy doesn't need more than a watt or 2 to get going. I'm in the "all speakers should work with all music camp" as music specific speaker design would be ridiculous (except for ultimate level limits) because classical, heavy metal, and those middle eastern monk yawning albums all need the same mojo coming to your earballs. I mix live shows and use the same speakers for the Baltimore Consort or Julian Lage. Heresy IIIs are coherant, exacting music reproducers, I'm never thinking while listening to them that they're horns, they can expose flaws in your rig or a recording if there are any, and they have surprised me with their tonal accuracy. I think everybody should drop what they're doing a buy a pair immediately. Get a pair, as they say.
Science and the science of how we hear are as yet imperfect...... 

like Baskin Robbins, a wide sample is best before deciding on that single cone....

better to get three....to paraphrase some desert wisdom:

Life is uncertain buy many speakers first

wolf - where are you mixing sound next ?????
I refuse to mention my gigs here to protect my privacy, as I can't be hassled by audio geeks when I work my magic. SECURITY!
Oswalds Mill Audio seems pretty cool, but no pricing. In any case, thanks for the reference.