Horn based loudspeakers why the controversy?

As just another way to build a loudspeaker system why such disputes in forums when horns are mentioned?    They can solve many issues that plague standard designs but with all things have there own.  So why such hate?  As a loudspeaker designer I work with and can appreciate all transducer and loudspeaker types and I understand that we all have different needs budgets experiences tastes biases.  But if you dare suggest horns so many have a problem with that suggestion..why?
I think the big speakers are 300 grand. I like the turntables. Wish they'd post prices.
01-09-2018 11:55amI cannot believe the horn troll is still at it. Gee, maybe I should listen
to her, and get rid of my modified Klipsch Lascalas. NOT !

Ha! It apparently likes to listen to itself repeat logical fallacies in place of sound arguments.
@kosst_amojan don't talk down JBL. I heard JBL K2 horn speakers at a show years back and they were great. I wanted to buy them but couldn't afford $10k.
Of course, they have cheaper and probably non-audiophile speakers too.
Open your mind and ears and give a horn system a unbiased extended listen.. I think most never do so before they comment negatively and rely on hearsay and bias to form opinion. 
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