Horn Speaker Recommendations

I am looking for your feedback on what Horn speakers I should consider in the $15k-$40k price range.  Please describe the rationale for your recommendations.  
If your in the NJ,NY CT, PA area make an appointment with Charney Audio and listen to his outstanding creations. Full range single driver rear loaded horns based on the Tractrix theory. No crossover and no sub needed! Sweet clean highs with engaging midrange and full notes to the bass. Yes that’s notes not note! No need for room correction and very little in room treatments. Depending on the driver chosen Solid state and tube will sound exceptional. I’m currently listening to a pair or Maestro Companions Omega RS7 driver with a Digital Amplifier Company stereo Maraschino with fantastic results! High, deep and wide sound stage with pinpoint imaging that will draw you into the music. You’ll "get" what the artist is conveying with Charney Horns. Charney will custom make his horns with any wood and color scheme you want to fit your decor and budget. True works of art that sound exceptional! Go and give them a listen...you’ll be glad you did!
BTW What’s your handicap?

Charney is not too far from me BUT he's charging a lot for some VERY Mediocre looking speakers. They Look like something you could make in your basement. Im sure they sound wonderful
I would have to agree with Avantgarde recommendation, (I’ve owned Duo Omega G2 for 10 years, and still have them)
every point that had been been made elsewhere in this thread is valid:
Given careful set up, They sound absolutely fabulous- transparent, no colorations, dynamic, great micro shadings, non fatiguing.
i use mines with an active crossover and a pair of JL Fathom 112 V2 subs.
Essentially, they are like an audio magnifying glass, you will hear every small change, you make in your system.
I'm sure Trios are even better.
the other very important aspect is- Avantgarde is one of the oldest, largest and best established contemporary horn speakers manufacturers in the world, therefore they have sufficient R&D budget to stay near the top of the game, great customer support and can guarantee worry free ownership, unlike other companies mentioned here, whose presence in the future market place is less certain.
I too, endorse getting in contact with Deja Vu about a custom horn system and also contacting Charney Audio.  The Deja Vu stores in San Diego and Miami are affiliated with Deja Vu in Tyson's Corner Virginia.  If you can find your way to Virginia, you will see where the speakers are made and you will find more options (in any case, you can talk to Vu at the VIrginia store).  With both Deja Vu horns and Charney single-driver back-loaded horns, you have the considerable advantage of being able to utilize low-powered tube amps.  

Low powered tube amps, to me, sound considerably better than either solid state or high-powered tube amps.  But, that does not mean that you cannot use solid state with a horn system.  

I hardly think that the Charney speakers look bad, but, that might just be my particular taste.  They have models that are quite compact which makes them quite easy to place in a room and for their modest size, they sound BIG.  To me, that is a big plus in the "looks" department.

Avantgarde makes nice sounding horn systems that are also quite efficient too.  Certainly, they should be on any short list as well.  They have some quite strange looking systems, but, I kind of like that look.

Good luck on your search.

Handicap is 4.  I am building a somewhat modern home so believe it or not the speakers must not only sound great but must be good looking also.  Boxier vintage style horns will not pass the eye test.  AvantGarde is a contender.  The Uno XD is more in the range of what I want to spend but I have been told the Duo XD are CLEARLY better.  Yes money does matter even in this price range especially when you are talking another $10k.  With my room being about 19'W by 30'L, I have been told the Uno's are not big enough.  I am not sure I buy that statement as my listening area is 12'-14' away.  The Concerto by Charney looks interesting also.  Other than you tube I don't know how it sounds.