Horn Speaker Recommendations

I am looking for your feedback on what Horn speakers I should consider in the $15k-$40k price range.  Please describe the rationale for your recommendations.  

Thank you for the additional information and links to more pictures.  I am a fan of your kind of horn-based systems.  My own system utilizes a small Onken with twin 12" drivers (alnico magnets, pleated paper surround).  The 12" drivers were new drivers when I got the system in 2003.  My midrange horn is a very old Western Electric 713b and 12025 straight, sectoral horn.  I tend to like the older compression compression drivers, like those of IPC, Western Electric, YL and new drivers that are reproductions of old drivers (G.I.P.).  

I have not heard the Volti Speakers, but I added the Volti upgrade (horns, drivers, crossover) to my original K-horns.
Paid more for the kit than the K-horns(used) & was worth every penny.
The improvement was night & day.
Larry....yes the Avantgarde's I would say are on my finalist list.  I have heard the Uno Fino.  Just need to find the Uno XD and the Duo somewhere around the country.  As stated before, I just purchases Mola Mola Amps for another speaker.  If they do not work out I will go back to a tube amp.  If I do that then I will buy again from Raven Audio....great integrated tube amps with some of the bast tubes available and outstanding customer service.  
If I were going to go down the horn road again, and had the room, I would seriously  consider a pair of Gary Fischer's totally restored, upgraded and modernised Altec VOTT A7-500-8. Driven by either tube or quad balanced transistor McIntosh amplifiers, the sound quality to my ears is beyond phenomenal. I had a friend who has these exact speakers in his home system. Set up properly in a room with decent acoustics, I never saw any need for subwoofers to reinforce bottom end performance. A  pair of MC-75's with a C2500 preamp take care of  pre and power amplification duties. The front end sources are dominated by a VPI turntable and modified ATR-100 series open reel. As a strictly analog system, I cannot imagine anything that sounds better nor have I heard anything better. I don't have room to properly house a pair of A7's., so in my system I settled' for a pair of line array XRT-30. A poster above noted that proper line array systems image far better than point source and are IMO as close to a horn experience as you will get. Soundstage is large, wide and tall. Detail and dynamics are near as good but not QUITE as smooth as horns. When I say settle I don't mean it as a bad thing, these speakers sound as close as any non horn system  I've heard.

Other horn speakers I've experienced extensively are from JBL and Klipsch. Modified K-horns sounded decent enough, but not in the same league as the VOTT A7 500's. Here's the link to Gary Fischer's website if you are interested: