Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”

I am interested in a high efficiency horn with SET AMPS, in a 12 ft by 18 ft room. 9 ft ceiling .
I have narrowed my choices down to Charney audio Excalibur http://charneyaudio.com/the-companion-excalibur.html
and rethm maarga v2
would appreciate input from any one who has heard the above speakers or someone who has a similar system . 
listening choices are vocal music , no classical music.
Very rarely might want my system to play loud party music .(extremely rare ) does not have to play it like solid state system. Thanks in advance 

The only thing i can say about both systems is that loud party music is not what they are for they are small diameter limited bass systems with lowther style drivers you will need a larger full range horn system for loud party music and the other thing i can tell you is systems like this are highly prone to the voice coil of the driver staying in alignment just like a lowther which can cause damage if you do not work through the kinks of the driver.
for sure volti, or volti mods for klipsch heritage products.  border patrol set amps.
I have enjoyed Classic Audio Loudspeakers T-3.3 field coil horn speakers for better than 4 years now and they mate quite well with my Atma-sphere Novacron  amps. OTL's seem to have a special dynamic with these speakers. They are very special. I previously could not stand a horn speaker

A lot of the horn and other high efficiency systems I like that manage to tame excessive midrange peaks and nasal colorations are quite expensive (e.g., Goto horn systems, G.I.P. Laboratory drivers, Feastrix drivers).  The Charney, Volti and the Klipsch heritage systems are the exception (particularly something like the Klipsch Cornwall IV).  The Classic Audio field coil speakers are also not excessively colored or peaky, but, for my taste, they are a little too bright and a little to hard and brittle sounding (I still think they are certainly worth a serious audition).

While I thought the Charney speakers I heard played loudly enough, I did not hear them pushed really hard.  I would not expect a single 8" driver to be really capable of extremely high volume levels, but, on the plus side, I like horns and high efficiency systems because they sound very dynamic and lively without having to play at high volume levels.
Not sure how sensitive you need but the JBL 4367 at 94db is not shouty at all to my ear. Just move from the Heresy IV which was also very easy to live with but the JBL takes it to another level. Maybe too revealing at times but I’ll take an honest speaker I can tune with amps and sources.