Horns with good timbre and tonality?

I’m looking into buying a pair of horns for my next speaker. I sold my Sonus Faber Elipsa SE. Looking for a more realistic, more lively sound. I’ve heard the Triangle Magellan and enjoyed the sound, but wonder if there is better.

I appreciate speed and dynamics with good timbre and tonality. I know horns are good with speed and dynamics, but not sure if they can do timbre and tonality like SF can.

Looking at German Blumenhofer FS1 / FS2, French Triangle magellan, Fleetwood deville, Avantgarde.

It will be paired with Mastersound 845 Evolution SET or Auris Fortissimo amp.

Room size 40 x 15 x 8 feet

Must realistically play Solo Piano, Cello and full scale symphony.



Classic Audio's T 1.5 Reference by a mile. All the others are wishful thinking. SET ready, high impedance, field coils and all. 


very interesting speaker Classics. Have you had a chance to listen to them? They’re located in Jakarta, seems like a wild place to ship from. 

did you hear Volti?

Do you think they can reproduce dynamics ?

If your question was about Martin Logan Renaissance 15A, the answer is NO.  I had owned them for a few years and sold them.  They were great for vocal, slow jazz music, but not dynamic.

I own Volti Rivals and am very pleased with the sound.  These are my first horns as I needed the sensitivity paring with tube amps.  Can tailor the highs and mids with easy changes to the crossovers.  I roll off treble -3db due to my room.  Love the build as well.