Horns with good timbre and tonality?

I’m looking into buying a pair of horns for my next speaker. I sold my Sonus Faber Elipsa SE. Looking for a more realistic, more lively sound. I’ve heard the Triangle Magellan and enjoyed the sound, but wonder if there is better.

I appreciate speed and dynamics with good timbre and tonality. I know horns are good with speed and dynamics, but not sure if they can do timbre and tonality like SF can.

Looking at German Blumenhofer FS1 / FS2, French Triangle magellan, Fleetwood deville, Avantgarde.

It will be paired with Mastersound 845 Evolution SET or Auris Fortissimo amp.

Room size 40 x 15 x 8 feet

Must realistically play Solo Piano, Cello and full scale symphony.



Anyone heard of Heretic speakers? Saw on instigram the place in Mass now selling them. Look like old Altec but w/Tannoy type concentric drivers. Cool as all hell but wonder if they can be anyway near the big Tannoys I heard there a few weeks back. Be interested in your impressions whoever's heard them. 

There is a German omni which is horn based: Duevel. Bella Luna and Sirius are world class transducers with superior timbre and aoundstaging. Not well known but very worthwhile exploring for the absebce of shout and pase integration issues of traditional horn designs.

Worth mentioning is the fact that my Heresy IIIs have a sophisticated mid horn with the currently (in the IVs) abandoned titanium drivers. With good gear in front they're very coherent, possibly due to the fact that unlike some other horn speakers the drivers are very close together. From the tweeter to the top of the 12" woofer is only 6 or so inches. This is clearly worth mentioning since I've mentioned it here maybe 436 times. 

@larryi  Very cool. Are you in a position to share more? 


Today, I heard an exceptionally good midrange horn.  For comparison purposes, one channel of a stereo pair was equipped with a wooden horn with a mouth opening around 16” wide and around 13” tall.  The other channel had a wooden replica of a Western Electric 22A horn (around 28” wide by 28” high).  The bigger horn was astonishingly more lively and clear sounding.  This horn was better than the 22A horns I’ve heard before.

A generic question. Mostly we have horn hybrids discussed here. Not true horns. Should we be differentiating? Thanks.