Horrible Squee-gy Noise from Stylus


All of the sudden I'm hearing a squeegy like noise during play back. As if I were dragging my hands across wet glass. I dont recall this happening with any other table or cartridge I owned. I've checked with well over 20 albums to make sure it wasnt any specific label/pressing company/etc.

I'm using the MMF7 with the factory installed Goldring cartridge. Its just started in the past few plays (and the albums I used to confirm). The cartridge probably as 15 hours on it--max.

Can anyone help here? I'm freaking out.
What kind of table/arm/cartridge?

Makes this noise regardless of the record being played?

Is the noise coming out of your speakers, or from the TT itself?
"Needle talk" used to be quite pronounced with older pickups. With the speaker volume turned all the way down it would not be unusual to hear some sound from the pickup. Do make sure the diamond tip has not come off.
sounds to me like you simply have a defective cartridge - is it under warranty?
The table is only a few weeks old, I'll contact the distributor to check on warranty.

How do I determine if the "diamond-tip" still exists? Will I need a magnifing glass or can it determine just from un-aided visual inspection?

The turntable communicates the music just fine, just during the lead-in tracking, quite parts of songs, and between tracks do I hear the squeaking.

The noise is only during play-back.

Thanks for the suggestions
I'd also check your arm settings.Get manual out and make sure everything is tightened up.How did you set up alignment and VTA etc?Also just get a cheap magnifying glass and visually inspect stylus and tip/needle.