Hostility from manufacturers

I know its a cottage industry, and margins are thin, but I still think its shortsighted of them, and harms the industry in the long run. I'm talking about several interactions I've had with manufacturers after having purchased their products on the secondhand market. They should think about what would happen to their prices and their sales if their products were not resellable. Maybe they would like us to send our components to the scrap heap every few years or so just before we purchase their latest upgrade.

Fire away..
That's good to hear.

Another one: I purchased a pair of 'audiophile' speakers here, in near-new condition. I telephoned the designer of said speakers (let's call him Andrew), in order to get some basic information about the crossovers. I was asked to put my question in an email, which I did. Unfortunately all of my emails and voice mails after that initial phone call were ignored. Not even a simple 'sorry chap, but I simply can't help you'. Thanks Andrew!
Never any hostility from Odyssey Audio and Klaus Bunge. I am the second owner of a pair of Odyssey Extreme Monoblocks. Klaus Bunge gladly transferred the warranty. Klaus Bunge has always, always, ALWAYS given me SPECTACULAR service. He has talked with me AT LENGTH over the phone. He is the antithesis of a hostile manufacturer. I post this because your thread reminded me of just how great Klaus has been over the years, offering a nice contrast to what you and some of the others have described. Not only is his service spectacular, his products represent some of the finest VALUE in all of high end audio. AND, if I understand correctly, it's made in the USA.
Echoing the above - Klaus is fantastic in terms of his support of 2nd hand equipment, and genuinely one of the good guys in audio.