Hostility from manufacturers

I know its a cottage industry, and margins are thin, but I still think its shortsighted of them, and harms the industry in the long run. I'm talking about several interactions I've had with manufacturers after having purchased their products on the secondhand market. They should think about what would happen to their prices and their sales if their products were not resellable. Maybe they would like us to send our components to the scrap heap every few years or so just before we purchase their latest upgrade.

Fire away..
Echoing the above - Klaus is fantastic in terms of his support of 2nd hand equipment, and genuinely one of the good guys in audio.
It's no surprise that several other Odyssey Audio customers have IMMEDIATELY posted their own independent confirmation of the favorable Odyssey Audio comment posted above.

I'll certainly echo the comment that Klaus is "genuinely one of the good guys in audio."

He has many satisfied customers (as evidenced by the very small sample of us on this thread) and with good reason.

Many small "boutique" firms have no service because they have no way to send what you bought for a big buck back to the Chinese factory where they bought it for a small buck.