Hot Rats

There are times when you have to pull this album from the rack and listen!
Moving to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon, yippie I yo Ki ayyyy!

Couldn't help myself.

Great album, one of my favorites from FZ... it's packed w/ excellent compositions. Kind of expect that anyone who digs this one could find a lot of his other recordings pretty rewarding. Tunes like Twenty Small Cigars, Blessed Relief, Big Swifty, The Little House I Used To Live In, Zoot Allures and Echidna's Arf will rattle around in peoples brains for a long time.

"Blessed Relief" is on Grand Wazoo, not Hot Rats.
Did you perhaps mean "Little Umbrellas?"
None of the tunes I named are on Hot Rats... the post took a stab at listing a few tracks from other albums that anyone who likes Hot Rats would probably enjoy.
Actually, Twenty Small Cigars is. But I should have paid attention to what followed Blessed Relief in your post. My bad, my apologies!