Hot Rats

There are times when you have to pull this album from the rack and listen!

"Blessed Relief" is on Grand Wazoo, not Hot Rats.
Did you perhaps mean "Little Umbrellas?"
None of the tunes I named are on Hot Rats... the post took a stab at listing a few tracks from other albums that anyone who likes Hot Rats would probably enjoy.
Actually, Twenty Small Cigars is. But I should have paid attention to what followed Blessed Relief in your post. My bad, my apologies!
For you folks that enjoy instrumental Zappa (Ghost and others), you should check out "Imaginary Diseases". Released from the vaults in 2007, it is a collection of jazz influenced live instrumentals recorded during Zappa's 1972 tour. It features the fantastic "petit wazoo" brass section. The tunes were selected and mastered by Zappa himself, just never released. It has grown to be one of my favorite Zappa albums.
Max - I will definitely check that out. Hadn't heard of it but it sounds exactly like something I'd enjoy. THANKS.