Hot Tuna "S/T"

This is their lp on RCA recorded live at the New Orleans House, Berkeley.

This my friends is an absolute reference recording! It's so good, that in fact, I have an early "light weight" pressing and a later heavy pressing, they both SHINE!

There is not one other lp in my collection that totally breaks free of my speakers and actually starts to "wrap around" the side walls.

If you don't have it, seek it out. It will be well worth it!
One of my favorites. I did not like like the original transfer to CD at all. Same can be said for Blows Against the Empire and Manhole.
My friend just brought over a CD from that same show titled live at the Berkeley House. This has tracks not heard on the first album. A lot of songs that ended up on the Burgers album are here. This CD has an excellent mix. Clean as heck. I would like to see this show complete in a box set.
Fjn04, Too Hot To Handle is better than any so called audiophile record I have and Jorma's playing is nothing less than phenomenal. I also agree that blue country heart is also superbly recorded. I'd like to pick up something more recent but honestly, I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the re-issues.
I saw Jorma play live right when Blue Country Heart came out. I picked it up at a CD vendor at the MerleFest in N Wilkesboro, NC back in 01 or 02 or so. He is really an amazing acoustic picker. I heard he has stopped playing electric and only picks acoustic any more. Truly a great guitarist.