Hotel Room Confessions - Best Sound at a Show?

I’m curious to know if line arrays and/or tuneable subs make speakers able to sound great in terrible conditions. Or can horns be the ideal hotel room rondevouz? A lot of people come up with a list of best sound, despite clearly terrible sounding rooms. They try to hear past what is assumed to be room problems.

I want to ask, if you have ever heard really amazing sound in a hotel room. Like, nothing needed to be made better, you’d be happy listening there forever. If so, what were the speakers you heard?

I've heard RELATIVELY stellar performances but I've never heard a hotel room sound even as good as my current, pitiful setup.

Have you? Did a line array, ESL or horn show how it could utterly tame the room and take you to heaven in a seedy hotel room with ugly carpets?

@tomic601, I too am a customer of Randy’s (I bought an ARC LS-1 from him, which I still have. It has a mode switch!). His shop is a half-block off Pacific Coast Highway, overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

I accompanied Brooks Berdan to the Vegas CES in the 90’s-early 2000’s (my gawd did that man snore ;-), getting a glimpse into the High End business. Like all businesses, I suppose; some cool guys, some not so cool. Bill Johnson was an old-world gentleman, Richard Vandersteen and George Cardas hardcore audiophiles, Harvey Rosenberg, Max Townshend, and Tim deParacivini eccentrically brilliant.

I witnessed Brooks being squeezed by the sales manager of a certain loudspeaker company, forcing him to choose between selling that company’s models, or the similarly-priced (and imo superior) models of a competitor. I also witnessed Brooks’ wealthy customers buying "bragging rights" electronics instead of the more modestly-priced Music Reference products (which Brooks considered better designed, built, and sounding). Money talks!

Hotel Room Confessions
Alright! I confess. I haven't been to no audio shows in years.
OK!, I aint got no alibi. Yeah, I was there at the New York HiFi Show. Mid-90s. No, I can't recall WHAT year. The Big One in '96? Maybe, it could have been earlier by a year or so. Like I told you. You aint gonna get it outa me! I really don't remember... 

Anyhow, outa all da highfalutin' rooms, Threshold, Krell, ARC, CJ, Vandersteen...  The room I do remember is the Shahainian Room.
Sir Richard was spinning, classical of course. His speakers powered by Bedini. 

Maybe it was his omnidirectional design. Or, Mr. Shahainian's gentlemanly demeanor. But yeah, you got me. I remember. He was guilty of having the least ostentatious and one of the best sounding rooms there.

Agoners aren't really surprised that hotel rooms packed with chairs in a row, people milling about, noisily in and out, don't sound great.
Roger Sander's ESL speakers are linear in focus therefore the room size 
and reflections don't play into what you hear. Sound hits your ears first
not the walls. Roger is nobody's fool. His placements are no accident.
I have not attended many audio shows but I do remember a NY Audio show room that I thought was better than any other that day: Sonner Audio. Gunny (the owner) a really nice guy, had I think the Allegro stand speaker, demonstrated with files from his PC, through an IFI USB Micro Power conditioner into an AMR 777 DAC. A relatively simple set-up that beat (in my opinion) all other much more expensive rooms that day. IMHO their speakers are wonderful.
I have run Running several  systems at shows , for one many displays incredibly  don’t even fully runin their systems before hand, which makes No sence,
also bringing room panels for reflections- absorption, and many people feel that have to blast it at 95-100 dB to  make their point and in fact because of all the other factors actually sounds far worse.
MBL for Example ,these Great 101 speakers with all reference gear in a room not big enough, can sound congested, in a proper Large room Magical. Many rooms many either don’t know ,or willing to take the time to setup properly.take the Cardas setup method for example you can see on their website
pretty reliable in most cases.  Erik is correct  most respectable audio systems 
at home sound more coherent and musical ,for you took whatever time necessary to Taylor your system to your room . Maybe a few exhibitors will 
heed the comments and advise.