“House” Character of Popular $20-$30k Speakers

I’ll be upgrading my speakers in a bit (after I add a turntable to my system). I’ve always thought that people two often end up attempting to correct or compensate for a quality they don’t like in one of their system components. My thought is that speakers and amps shouldn’t try to “correct” each other, but rather, they should complement each other, while sharing many similar qualities in their sonic signatures.

With that in mind, I’d describe my Gryphon Diablo 300 with the internal DAC (fed by an InnuOS Zenith MK3 streamer) as being rich, lively, engaging, slightly warm but moderately detailed, with dramatic dynamic swings that can often simulate a live sound. Smooth but energetic and engaging at the same time. My speakers I’ll be upgrading from are B&W 803 D2’s. Big full and bold sound but with finesse and moderate quickness too.

What brand of speakers would be along the lines of the sound I describe above? I’d be hoping to follow this sonic signature in my next speaker purchase, but adding some small capabilities with transparency and detail, imaging, and low end presence.

The speaker brands I have in mind to look into are:

-Magico (would check out the A5’s. I hear the A5’s could be too analytical for some, but have an excellent and clean bass presence.  Bust most rave about the A5)

-Sonus Faber (heard these are too relaxed for some?)

-Wilson Audio (if I can get over how they look)

-Monitor Audio

-Dynaudio: Maybe this brand could be a sweet spot?

-B&W: I’ve tested many and find them lacking in bass presence resulting in a mid forward style. That said the 802 D3’s I auditioned matched the sonic character of their upper ranges very well.

Would be interested in how others describe the house sounds if the brands above…





anotherBob, the platinum 500 Gen 2 are more than 30,000 now because of the pandemic probably about 35,000 now but they are definitely world class speakers way better than Magico and many other very high price speakers, if the monitor audio platinum were made in England still the 500 would probably cost 80 to 100,000, their driver technology is way ahead of everybody and that MPD tweeter is the best tweeter on the market right now, it goes clean to 100,000.

and I love the look of them takes 166 hours to make each cabinet 11 layers of hand polished lacquer and beautiful Stathsprey leather which is used by Rolls-Royce and other high and automobile manufacturers

I would also consider Vivid Audio and Stenheim. I carry both brands in my store as well as Bowers. The new 802D4 has plenty of bass setup correctly. Look at 801D4

Vimberg, Rockport, Magico and Estelon would be at the top of my list with that amp - resolution, transparency, body and soul.

Do explore adding a pair of quality subs like JL Fathom F112/3 - so much more than just bass, you'll find the entire spectrum enriched as well as significant gains to soundstage.

True classic Audiophile speakers Marten ,and MBL both excellent 

MBL requires more power but that 360 dispersion is like you are there and no driver spider truly lets the transparency through unlike the vast majority of box speakers.