How about a contest?

I see pretty awesome systems in the virtual systems section. Just look at the Done for Now and All Out Assault categories.

In this web-site are people to say this product is better than that one, or spending this much money is foolish or not spending enough is foolish. But here the rubber can never really meet the road. If you get my drift.

It would seem that with all the zeal for knowledge here, the know-it-alls, the humble, the competitive spirit, you would think that Audiogon would by now have developed a contest format, maybe even charge an entrance fee, employ a few professionals and or retired members to travel to homes to evaluate and score and submit the compiled results. There could even be different winners for different categories.

They do this type of thing in other hobbies, slot cars, shooting, etc, so why not provide an arena for the best systems.

Who would be interested in a contest?

Let the games begin!
Uh, slot cars and shooting (target) ARE competitive events. That's the point! I think most people build audio systems to actually listen to music. This is mostly a solitary event, or sometimes shared with a close significant other. I'll even go as far as some folks get together with other interested hobbiest to enjoy listening together. However, I don't think listening to music is a competitive event.

In general, I don't think most of the people that frequent this board have much in common with the people that do car stereo competitions. That event is about LOUD and breaking things is common and a sign of success (windshields). Here, breaking something is generally a bad thing!

If you get into home audio in an effort to try to one-up your buddy, you are going to spend a lot of money! Oh, and you will likely miss the whole point of the exercise!


some people think this is competition. look at some of the threads that people put out on audiogon. there have been many times from a couple people that state 'i had somebody listen to my system and they indicated it was the most musical system this side of %^%$^^', or some reviewer rated my piece of equipment the best, or I have the best speaker, amp, etc.. in the world. to me, these people don't know what they are talking about and all they are out here to do is try to impress other people with what they might have or actually, it is more like what they don't have.
i'm in those who dont like the idea just feel their rigs

fall short No Excuses,No Guts,No Glory
Lets just make it a big party/picnic with other sporting games like bobbing for 300B tubes, and pin the tail on the driver! There could be CD Ultimate Frisbee, and lets not forget the popular DAC Pinata! For all you old track stars from back in high school there'll be the Krell toss, and the subwoofer hurdles. Don't forget to bring something to throw on the Class-A BBQ! See'ya'll there! There'll be plenty of prizes for everyone so you can all go home feeling proud!

I don't think your idea is very relevant, or practical for that matter. It would be nice, however, if Audiogon created an optional searchable field for geographical location. This way if someone was visiting a given locale, it would be easier to hook up with like minded souls.