How about a list of speakers that are time and phase coherent? Thiels and what else?

How about a list of speakers that are time and phase coherent?
How about Vandersteen and Green Mountain Audio.  

Just my personal sense of aesthetics, but the top of line Vandies look like Dr. Who Daleks and the GMA Calypso HDs look like one-eyed preying mantis aliens.  Just my humble opinion.  lol


No longer in business but:
Dunlavy Audio Labs
Meadowlark Audio (Actually they are now back in business but I'm not sure they are still doing time/phase coherent speakers).
Quad ESL 63s I believe are time/phase coherent, I seem to remember.

i prefer to call my Vandersteen 7 mk 2 Lord Vader
the smaller monoblocks also in Audi Phantom black Pearl are Luke....
Yes prof, the Quad 63. The Eminent Technology LFT-8b, with it's magnetic-planar midrange drivers reproducing 180Hz up to 10kHz without a crossover. The dynamic woofer and ribbon tweeter are employed below and above that (respectively) via 1st order filters. Then there are the SoundLab, Sanders, and Music Reference ESL's, the Magneplanars, and many other dipole planars. Can't forget the Linkwitz LX521. 
I still have a pair of the original Green Mountain Audio Calypso (in storage), and they were excellent.