How about a list of speakers that are time and phase coherent? Thiels and what else?

How about a list of speakers that are time and phase coherent?
I was referring to severe peaks and dips.
It is still not true. 
If time coherence was that important every manufacturer would be doing it.
And every audiophile would insist on it.
Another untrue statement. It is difficult to do correctly for the manufacturer, and many people have not heard it done correctly. There are also plenty of people that just don't care or find that it doesn't matter to them. That doesn't make them wrong or right, just as wanting time and phase coherence in a speaker doesn't make those that enjoy it wrong or right. To say that is not a valid approach to building speakers is just not true.

It’s not like you are bringing up a problem that designers of time/phase coherent speakers have never considered. Obviously, any good speaker designer going for time/phase coherence is going to design with those problems in mind.

This is why Thiel, for instance, designed and manufactured their own drivers specifically suited for their goals. Their last midrange driver was a marvel of engineering, and purportedly extended up to around 20kHz with good linearity. (I forget the specs for the tweeter but I remember they were amazing too). Not to mention all the specific engineering put in to specific voice coil designs, motor systems for low distortion, etc.

I’ve owned many speaker designs, and auditioned many, and the Thiel 2.7 and 3.7s are simply the most coherent I’ve ever heard especially in the mids to treble (and exceptional from mids down in to bass). As well as being super smooth.   They were very highly lauded in review after review for incredible clarity, smoothness, neutrality, dynamics etc.  

Whether the time/phase coherence gives an advantage is one thing (I can only say the Thiels image with a specificity and density that I’ve rarely heard before). But the idea that other design parameters must necessarily be sacrificed to achieve it, in terms of the overall performance or sound, doesn’t seem to be true. (As John Atkinson also said after being very impressed when measuring the Thiel 3.7s).

Had a Meyer engineer bring a SIM over. He measured my horns and said he's never seen a phase response that good w/o DSP.

They're Exemplar Horns.
Hold on a second while I get my head out of its' listening clamp...

Most timing issues have to do with the same signal reaching different drivers, and can be mostly corrected by a properly designed crossover.  If the speakers sound good, I would not be too concerned about "time and phase coherence".
On the other hand, if you prefer to run test equipment (and music is mostly just a bother), then you may find hours of enjoyment testing for time coherence.