How any "wall pluggers" are out there?

Like most of you I am sick of audio terms like"jaw dropping" but here I go adding another.
I propose that we address all the music loving audiphiles amongst us who see after market tweaks, wires, power cords and power conditioning as "wall pluggers".

Nothing derogatory.Like a "tree hugger", unless you find that term derogatory.

So, there goes a new term that I hope is not offensive, but describes those who feel our hobby can go to extremes sometimes.

Now what they want to call the rest of us who don't share their point of view, I'll leave that to your imagination.
I think Jaw dropping is a good descriptive! Sorry to say that I don't share your point of view and I believe that audiophiles that are not "Wall pluggers" are probably "DEAF"! Of course, this is not meant to be offensive.
Definately wallplugger,I use Torus and they speak for themselves.Conditioner puzzle palace is over.
You don't have to invent any terms. There are all sorts of labels already available in psychology and psychiatry.
Hi. My name is terra3. I admit. I do use power cables. I've been 'using' for 52 years.