How are most audiophiles going from streamers to DACS

USB a to b, , Coax, or Optical ? what's the better one ?   I have a Node 2I and a Denafrips ares 2 dac thats  in transit , what is everyone using for audio ? not brands of cable just format what way is better for streaming High rez music ?
I've done comparisons between optical and coax connections from my Node 2i, and in my system the coax easily sounds better. Coax sounds more natural, and has less digital glare. 
I agree with Herman.  If you have a Node 2i, then you are limited to coax or optical.  No USB.

I have always had better results with coax in most applications over optical.  My Node is no exception.  Per the review of the Node 2i by Audio Science Review, the SINAD is better with coax than optical, but that could have been an issue with the sample reviewed.

I have a Node 2i connected to a Denafrips Terminator via coax.  Much better results than the internal Node DAC.  In addition, I found that feeding the Node with an UpTone etherRegen added clarity and more soundstage depth.  Sadly though, it still does not compare with the sound quality of my Oppo 105.  I think there is limitations to the Node as a streaming device.
80% of my listening is hi-res streaming from Qobuz and Tidal 

My limited understand of the hierarchy of good, better, best guidelines is as follows, and in all cases the shorter the cable the better 

optical, coax, USB, I2S

I've tested all of them and have gravitated to I2S

This is one of the areas where the symmetry dance between your components is important

The SQ of entry level electronics typically will sound their best when using good cables but great cables will not promote entry level electronics to reference grade sound
Optical should be the best in theory, but it's probably the worst because there isn't a good interface available, as far as I know everything in audio is toshlink.